Hey Guys!  So I’ve been on Instagram for a little while now fashion blogging.  And now I’ve decided to go for the next step and set up an online blog with a Live feed for all of my followers to check out, just so you can get more in depth information about styling, fashion, blogging and travelling.  So a little bit of information about me, I’ve actually been blogging for about four to five years.  And I’ve decided to start this new blog to symbolise and new chapter in my life and also to consolidate everything I’ve learnt and experienced into my ‘final’ blog.  I’m 19 at the moment soon to be 20, I’m a sagittarius, obsessed with Dubai and Blogging, I currently work for Harrods, I study a Fashion Marketing and Management BA degree, I’m happily engaged to my fiancee and I’m planning to move to Dubai in 3 years to live and work.  Blogging for me is the only thing that gets rid of my stress and thats why I’ve been able to do it quite often as I enjoy it so much!  So I hope all of you enjoy it as much as I do and please ask me questions!



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