First Autumn Blog post

Hey Girlies!  So I’m really excited to show you guys my very first AUTUMN blog post and ootd!!  I’m so excited because I really love the winter and the different ways in which you can switch up and change your look over and over again.  It enables you to be so innovative with styles and colours and ultimately look super stylish.  So today as I was at University I decided to seize the moment and takes my ootd photos seeing as there was beautiful autumn leaves everywhere!  Today Im very covered up as it’s freezing outside and decide to wear long sleeved, black Zara top, khaki bershka bomber jacket, Top shop leggings and back suede lace up boots rom Public Desire.

I really want to include what I’m wearing for makeup as I’ve gone for  much more natural look but I’m experimenting with fuller broader lip colours for Autumn but I think I will do a separate post for that later.

Hope you enjoy!  Please like comment and follow.  Also I’ve just set up a Twitter account to promote the blog and instagram page so please follow!

Twitter: @sbffashionblog

Instagram: @stylebyfrancesca






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