CHANEL: Madmoiselle Prive

Hey Guys!  So over the weekend Nikky and I decided to finally visit the Madmoiselle Prive exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea, London.  When on arrival the queue for the exhibition was so long, so I could instantly tell that it was a popular exhibition.  When walking into the Saatchi Gallery I found out from the Mademoiselle Prive Iphone app that I previously downloaded, that the wildlife and gardens surrounding the entrance to the Saatchi Gallery were commissioned by Chanel themselves as a representation os Gabrielle Chanel’s love of French Gardens and also Karl Lagerfelds classic love for 18th century French style Gardens.

Whilst at the exhibition Nikky and I learnt a lot about Chanel that we never new before.  Such as Chanel’l lucky numbers and colours, her love of wildlife and the fact that when she started out she’s started off in Millinery before anything else.

DSCN3342 DSCN3343  DSCN3347 DSCN3351  DSCN3354 DSCN3355 DSCN3358 DSCN3357   DSCN3363 DSCN3364 DSCN3366  DSCN3382 DSCN3387    DSCN3405 DSCN3407 DSCN3408 DSCN3409 DSCN3415 DSCN3420 DSCN3418 DSCN3427 DSCN3428 DSCN3431



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