Beauty Staples.

heya everyone, so today I thought I would do a asked post seeing as my last one was my Dubai/Sephora make up haul!! So these are my personal basic beauty MUST-HAVES.  They are products from brands that I feel are QUALITY products but also they are mega staples in your make up bag.





So the products I think every one needs to atleast try, are mainly from MAC and Yves St Laurent.  The first product that I’m totally in love with is the MAC prep and prime spray.  Not only has mine lasted the last 6 months (I do wear makeup more or less every day) But, it’s an excellent primer that you can wear with any foundation!  I’ve worn this with Kiko, Mac Studio Fix, and Yves St Laurent foundation.  It holds the foundation really well including the concealer and powder and gives you the most amazing smoothed over look on your skin.  It smells amazing and you can get different ranges within the MAC store which are meant to do different things for your skin.

The second product is the MAC foundation.  It’s a basic foundation that blends in beautifully with contouring and your skin in general and looks amazing once on your skin.

Next is the YSL Mascara, I bought this in Harvey Nicholls and I can’t even begin to tell you how much it amplifies your lashes!  Better than the MAC mascara by far and the actual brush aids this.  Lashes are so jet black they’re almost blue! Fantastic shape to lashes.  Pretty much just amazing, I will always be loyal to this product!!

Lastly, is the YSL Concealer which literally illuminates under your eyes and I also used this for highlighting the top of my nose.  I always use a skin toned sheer powder over the top for maximum coverage.

DSCN3167 DSCN3165 DSCN3170 DSCN3162


DSCN3155 DSCN3158


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