Going Camel this Winter

Hey girlies!! So just thought I would share todays ootd with you all! So my inspirations recently have literally been camel colours, nude colours and neutrals including khaki colours.  I’m especially loving the trend of having knitwear-on-knitwear or camel-on-camel or even the infamous black-on-black.

The shoes were definitely the statement as they were black with on-black tassels and had the heel and toe cut out.The ripped jeans are a really nice contrast with the knitted turtle neck dress.  It’s like saying “I’m cold so let me keep warm, but really and truly I don’t care!”.

The Camel – On -Camel really intrigued me especially as one piece was knitwear and the other piece is a classic Mac coat, designed by the likes of Burberry and Aquascutum.  But in this case, Newlook suited me just fine.  The white Chanel Boy Bag was a nice touch to tie in with the white jeans and also to tie in with the cold tones (white) as there were already a lot of warm tones (camel).

I LOVE this outfit due to the different layers and textures it provides.  And thats what style is about! Layers, colour, patterns and textures.  The knitwear, the faux suede black heels with black tassels on top.  The diamond stitch purse with the chain handle.  It’s all perfect.

All outfit details are below.  Enjoy!



-Jumper top: Newlook (new)-

-Jeans: Newlook (old)-

-Heels: Newlook (new)-

-Coat: Newlook (new)-


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