Hey ladies!  So its about time I shared my designer beauty haul!  These are literally my favourite products in the whole world!!  And I use them all the time.

First things first, is that little Yves St Laurent collection that I have going.  So the foundation is amazing, first of all it as so soft in terms of it just glides on to your skin and feels like silk.  When I bought it at Harvey Nicholls the beauty expert said it has a new technology in it meaning it really clings to the skin but still giving and effortless look and smooth touch.  Plus its so easy to contour with.

The mascara is life changing literally!!  It lengthens your lashes amazingly!! I usually get lash extensions and sometimes I still do every now and then.  But if I have this mascara in my purse then I feel confident!  With the eyebrow pencil it’s actually my first time using it, I usually use the kiko brand which is really good also, but what I love about the YSL eyebrow pencil is it’s literally a crayon, one stroke comes out so dark and you can tell it’s amazing quality.


So forgive me for being ‘typical’ but I just had to get a Chanel lipstick.  I’ve never had one before, I know, crazy.  I got a plum rouge colour and it feels like velvet on my lips.  The colour stays forever!



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