Rotterdam: back in the city

Hey Girlies.  So another Rotterdam blog post today!! So this day my fiancee  and I were basically just enjoying the city and visiting the shops that were open!  In Rotterdam we prefer to take the metro because it’s always bang on time and it’s such a small city that theres no need to go anywhere by car, unlike Dubai.

We visited the shopping mall on this day and Nikky and I bought trainers from Louis Vuitton.  At the moment Ive really been into designer trainers rather than designer heels.  Especially Valentino and Balenciaga.

No restaurants were open or smaller, independent stores so we just enjoyed the area and took a little stroll down all the dutch streets, taking out that time for each other and really getting to bond together.



-Trainers: Nike-

-Leggings: Zara-

-Leather Jacket: TopShop-

-Bag: Givenchy-

-Scarf: River Island-


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