Aqua Asia

Hey ladies!  Another Rotterdam blog post for you all.   So post is mainly about when we went to the Rotterdam Fotomuseum for the Hirst, Photographer of Style exhibition commissioned by the V&A museum.  And later on after that we went to the Aqua Asia restaurant for dinner.  The exhibition photos I will share in another blog post later on.

So I really loved the Aqua Asia restaurant.  For me personally it is definitely up there with the Hutong, Shard restaurant that I also visited earlier this month.  Im so gutted that I didn’t take many photos of the inside of the restaurant, but the food was just so good I think I forgot!

The restaurant was on two different levels, and had a full stocked and very impressive bar.  The food varied in expense and had very affordable dishes and very expensive dishes and drinks also.  The food was served so quickly! And was fantastically put together.  Easily the most delicious food I’ve had in a long time.  We ordered Pork Gyoza, Sirloin Steak and Fried Rice.

See my outfit details below.DSC_0394DSC_0395DSC_0400DSC_0407DSC_0409DSC_0427DSC_0431DSC_0433DSC_0452DSC_0455IMG_8196IMG_8195


-Jeans: Zara-

-Jacket: Topshop-

-Top: Primark-

-Heels: Topshop-


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