London Street Style

Hey girlies!! This week I decided to experiment with a bit of London street style.  Now London street style can vary from person to person and can be completely different.  But for me I wanted to do a smart slick look with light to grey colours and a straight leg.

We went to shoot in Notting hill gate, Holland park, so I thought it was fitting that the surrounding matched the style of dress I was wearing.  With many fashion shows fast approaching like London Fashion Week and Dubai Fashion Week London, I’ve been really paying attention to street style and what outfits I can out together for the up and coming fashion events.

Outfit details are below !DSC_0555

-BOOTY SHOT-DSC_0565DSC_0566DSC_0571



-QUELLE SURPRISE-DSC_0603DSC_0607DSC_0628DSC_0630DSC_0638DSC_0639


-Trousers: boohoo-

-Top: Primark-

-Shoes: Newlook-

-Coat: River Island-

-Bag: Givenchy-


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