Friday Fun Day

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Hey girlies!  So this post is a little different from my usual posts.  Last Friday myself and my best friend who is also a blogger, Bethany, we got together and decided to have a fun day/night out on the town.  Now if you love to know about restaurants, bars, shopping, activities or London in general then this is the post for you!

So we started off visiting the LCM event in Russell square near Kings Cross in London.  It was amazing to visit London Collection Men’s because being a fashion student, I’m mainly focused on womenswear and possibly setting up my own line of womenswear in the future.  This was such a learning curve for me, especially seeing the amazing street style that was delivered from some of the men attending.  It’s definitely sparked an interest for me to maybe look into doing a menswear line in future rather than just focusing on womenswear.  However for now, goals will be goals and that is a long way into the future!

After LCM, Beth and I decided to go to my old workplace, Harrods.  When we got there I decided to visit Luxury Collections and visit some old colleagues/friends.  I was so happy to see them! We had a few laughs and they all thought Beth and I were sisters!  We got asked that question at least 3 to 4 times.  After having a catchup session with old flames, we decided to grab lunch at the Mezzah Lounge in Harrods which is completely Middle Eastern, Lebanese cuisine.  Having visited Dubai’s Mezze Lounge opposite the Address Hotel a few months ago I knew exactly what I wanted!  I ordered Fatoush and urged Beth to try some, and she loved it too!  Hommous was a must!  And we ordered a few cocktails, virgin colada of course!  I loved being in that restaurant because it took me back to Dubai, the food, the atmosphere and even some of the customers being served were Middle Eastern.  It made my goal to move, live and work in Dubai so much stronger.  The service was amazing, and I think Beth and I have definitely claimed that restaurant as “our spot”.

After Harrods I remembered that I had to buy an outfit for Dubai Fashion Week London that is coming up in the next 2 weeks at the end of January.  We hit oxford street and diligently window shopped in stores like Topshop, H&M and most importantly Zara!  Before hitting Forever 21.  As soon as I walked into the shop, I saw my dress.   I tried it on and it fit like a glove!  Bought it, but when I got home I had realised that the sales advisor had left the ink tag on the garment.  Nevertheless, lets say I was furious!  It’s happened to me in the past with shops like Topshop, and I hate making second trips to a store to get tags removed.  The most annoying thing about this one, was the fact the tag is an ink tag so I can’t even force it off!  Anyway, a trip this weekend will be made to Forever 21 to get the tag taken off.  I’m now much more diligent when purchasing clothing and I make sure the tags have been removed before leaving store!

After, what was supposed to be retail therapy, Beth took me to her favourite club/bar in Piccadilly Circus called ‘The Jewel Bar’.  And I have to say it was a very snazzy place.  We had our Passion fruit cocktails and enjoyed the ambience, relaxing, talking and generally just jamming to music before we made a move to go home.  Jewel bar can be extremely busy on Fridays and Saturdays so if you want a table make sure to book a reservation which if free !  All photographs are below and if you want the links to all the places we visited they will be below the photographs! Enjoy ladies!




Harrods Mezzah Lounge:

Jewel Bar Piccadilly circus:

London Collections Men: –


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