Fashion with Sheida Fashionista

Hey Girls!  So quick update.  On Sunday one of my favourite Dubai Bloggers, Sheida Fashionista, decided to visit the UK, London for a meet and greet.  She flew from Dubai to London a few days ago and we met up outside Victoria Secret in New Bond Street.

Sheida is one of my biggest inspirations and I’m a huge fan (and proud).  Those who know me personally or who follow me on Instagram know it’s a dream of mine to work in the Dubai Fashion industry and also build my blogging career!  Sheida has done ALL of that.  I found out that she studied for her fashion degree in the UK, before moving to Dubai to become a brand specialist.  Blogging started as a hobby for her, but it grew and grew and soon enough she started it as a full time and enjoyable career!

It’s always been my dream and goal ( that I am actively striving for every day) to have a full time blogging career, only because I love it THAT much, and it’s my favourite thing to do!  Some of you who have been following my blog since its started will know that this blog started in Dubai, since I went and came back it’s also been an active goal to live there and hopefully break in to the Dubai Fashion industry.

Sheida gave me tips on the industry in Dubai and what it’s like, how to break into it, how she started off blogging, tips on how to be a successful blogger and tips on how to move to Dubai!  She was amazing! And so personable, lovely and open.  I hope to meet her again somewhere down the line in the future, hopefully when I’m working in Industry in Dubai and my blog takes off!

Anyway, after meeting Sheida, Nikky and I visited Fenwicks where I purchased a NARS lip liner and lipgloss (This is my first NARS products that I’ve purchased and used).  I have bought some really good makeup pieces the last two weeks, so I will be doing full reviews later on, on the blog and a Youtube haul this month.

For all outfit details, look right to the bottom of the page! And for Sheida’s Instagram and Blog website I have linked them below!  Youtube Lookbook of this look is coming later this week! Enjoy ladies! x





















-Top: Topshop-

-Jeans: Newlook-

-Waistcoat: Zara-

-Bag: Chanel-

-Shoes: EgoOfficial-

Sheida’s Instagram:

Sheida’s Blog:


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