New Must Have Makeup

Hey Ladies!  So today I wanted to do a different kind of post today!  And in future I am going to be switching it up a little bit on the blog!  Lately there have been loads of fashion posts and I really wanted to switch it up to a makeup post!  Down below you’ll see my brand new makeup must haves, I don’t know what I’d do without these staple pieces in my  makeup kit! ( Especially my eyebrow palette!)

So to start off with I think my most favourite piece out of all of these is my eyebrow palette, which is actually from Morphe Brushes.  The palette has 6 different shades to choose from which is really good if your in to blending your brows from start to finish or if you’re someone who goes from different hair colours all the time.  From blonde, to brunette to noir hair,  this palette definitely caters for you!  The other two swatches in the palette are to help neaten up you eyebrows, and put them on ‘fleek’ as they say.  They come in two shades, one’s lighter then the other.

*Trick: I usually use the darker swatch to neaten up around my brows, and the lighter swatch as a base coat on my eyelid before applying eyeshadow.  It means my eyeshadow stays in place!  Plus, offers a bright base to see the colour fluently.

The second item is my Morphe Brushes eyeshadow kit in 35W.  I loved this palette mainly because I felt confident with most of the colours but there is also a wide range.  Because I have olive skin and brown eyes, I tend to hover most towards to golds, browns, dusty pinks and blush colours.  But, the great thing about this palette is it has black shadow colours and a lot of shimmer/glitter colours, Perfect for glamorous looks.

Recently, I bought my first NARS lipliner and lipgloss.  The lipliner is one of my favourite, its easy to apply unlike some MAC liners where I feel no colour comes off.  The lipgloss is gorgeous and glides on so beautifully.  Both together, give a gorgeous natural look.  The lipliner is VELVET and the lipgloss is CHIHUAHUA.







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