The Statement

Hey Ladies! Another day another blog post, but before I share with you what I actually did today and my outfit details, I really wanted to share something quite close to my heart.  It’s a very sensitive and personal topic however, it’s widespread.


Anxiety is something I’ve been dealing with since about 9 years old.  Anyone who knows me closely, will know about this.  Most people however, think I’m very confident and outgoing and can’t ever imagine me suffering from anxiety.  And don’t get me wrong, I am definitely outgoing.  But I hear a lot of people saying that outgoing individuals can’t/don’t suffer from anxiety.  WRONG. Anyone can suffer from it, whether your shy or ambitious, introvert or extrovert.

 It started with severe panic attacks, feelings of not being able to breathe as if I was going to pass out.  It felt as if my surroundings were surreal.  And is weird as it sounds I always had to have something in my hands that was rough or heavily textured, to bring me back to reality.  Your senses get overwhelmed with anxiety and it was initially so difficult to come up with coping mechanisms so I wouldn’t end up hyperventilating.

Now I’m 20 years old.  And I’m still managing my anxiety.  These days I don’t have panic attacks so much.  But I find it increasingly difficult to walk and sit in a room full of people.  In years 10 and 11, I skipped so much school because the feeling of being uncomfortable was overbearing.  Now, I hate walking into a room full of people without a friend or someone being with me.  If I’m on my own, my eyes will be glued to my phone (as I pretend to be messaging someone or checking something out).  As silly as it sounds, if someone honks or beeps me whilst driving my heart races and my hands start shaking.

I don’t know why I have these symptoms.  And I don’t know why I’ve had them for so long.  But one thing I do know, is I can’t handle stress at all.  However, I have come up with amazing coping mechanisms to try and combat / reduce my anxiety.  I know it’s something I’ll never be rid of, so why not embrace it? Why not accept it?  It’s a part of me now… and I’m so proud how far I’ve come 11 years later.


  1. Get an amazing nights sleep! Between 7 and 9 hours should be perfect.  Dont under sleep or over sleep.  A bad sleeping pattern makes you aggy enough! So if you have anxiety it will only make things worse.  I personally find it difficult to sleep because of my anxiety.  I have a million thoughts rushing around my head at all times, and it can be difficult to hush them.  Turn off your phone notifications, turn off the TV, make sure your room is comfortable and dark.  Soothing smells can help too ( Lavender candles).  And get into a good breathing rhythm.  If your room is too hot crack open a window, and if it’s too cold a hot water bottle is great!  Keep a jug of water by your bed side table.
  2. Learn to breathe deep when you’re getting stressed.  I find I can snap a lot at people in times of bad anxiety.  And I really didn’t like that side of me.  I felt guilty all the time, and you can really end up damaging relationships.  When you can feel a situation getting to that point, learn to consciously stop yourself and take 4 – 5 deep breaths.  (Take more of you need to).   It really helps calm you down and rethink anything before you speak too quickly!
  3.  Diet and Exercise – I found that the gym is a great way to unleash any anger, stress or pressure.  Working out not only makes me feel productive because I’m getting my dream body.  But it also helps me feel in control of whats happening.  They say when you exercise your brain releases endorphins which is a hormone that makes you happy!  So Gym away ladies!  A clean diet is essential.  I know I haven’t always had the best diet, I used to eat take out all the time which quite honestly made me feel terrible.  And because I felt terrible it aggravated my anxiety.  When you’re feeling anxious the last thing you want is an upset tummy or that bloated feeling.  And only minor changes are needed! I cut out red meat and pork, fatty and oily food.  And I kept to a largely vegetarian diet with the exception of chicken and fish.  Keeping hydrated at all time is also important!
  4. Positivity and good vibes – Make sure you have amazing friends and family around you at least 80% of the time.  That includes love relationships.  You don’t need toxic friends, family or spouses that don’t support your dreams, don’t support or refuse to understand your anxiety or emotions, or always have something negative to say about you or aspects of you and your personality.  You have to make the decision to cut them off or distance your self.  Self care is not selfish.  Learn to make yourself your biggest priority. If you’re in a work situation or a uni situation where you have to be surrounded by negative people then the next point is for you.
  5. Learn how to think differently about negative situations – Sometimes in life we can stop being negative, but we can’t stop negativity coming to us, or even negative people being around us.  They may say or do things that really upset you, frustrate you, disrespect you, or quite simply grind your gears!  Whatever they say about you is irrelevant, but the way you deal with it is not.  We can’t change what someone thinks about us, and why should we?  That’s not our job right?  And quite frankly – who cares?  It’s all about the friends and family that love you – not the haters.  But even though we can’t change what someone thinks, we can change our own thinking about whatever they’ve done or said.  Think to yourself whether their thoughts on you are relevant.  Are their thoughts going to disturb your day to day activity.  Is their opinion going to stop you from achieving your goals?  Is this situation going to affect you a year from now? If no, then why should it affect you at present?  Shrug it off, stay focused and remember whatever someone says or thinks about you is none of your business, and also it’s not your problem.  It’s theirs.
  6. Stop getting into aggressive habits – For example, I’m a huge rap music fan, and I still am.  But I started to notice that it was making me so aggressive on a day to day basis.  I listen really carefully to lyrics, and I realised that hearing swearing every other word made me feel rubbish.  Although I still listen to rap, I listen more to soulful house music or chill music to clear my mind and thoughts.  You can find a huge variety of playlists on Youtube.

Those are my 6 top tips for coping wit anxiety.  Anyone who suffers with anxiety knows that it becomes and normal practise day to day almost as if it’s normal.  So hopefully these top tips help you even further.

Anyway guys, thank you for reading such a long piece! I didn’t mean to write an essay but it is something I feel strongly about and I wanted to get a bit more personal here on the blog.  Hope that has helped anyone who suffers with anxiety.  If you have any questions please comment below! And I promise I will answer all your questions.  I’m thinking of doing a video on YouTube about this topic. So stay tuned! Outfit details are below! Enjoy!x

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 10.24.05

-Only look back to see how far you’ve come –

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 10.23.43

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 10.22.45

-The Statement- 

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 10.24.17

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 10.23.08

-Close up-

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 10.23.21

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 10.22.59

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 10.23.31

-Laugh Often-


-Jumpsuit and Jacket: Newlook-

-Bag: Chanel-

-Heels: Newlook-


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