London Days

Hey girls

Just a quick ootd that I wanted to share with you.  If any of you follow me on instagram (@stylebyfrancesca) you will have realised that i have been slightly MIA recently.  I’ve been really sick with tonsillitis and the flu – so I’ve been trying my very best with keeping up with the blog and the Youtube channel.

Recently I’ve been really excited, with new things happening recently, things are changing and I’m genuinely just so ready for something new and some new changes in life.  The winter in the UK can get really depressing, it get’s dark at 4pm and does’t become light until 8am.  The weather is horrible.  Colds, Flu’s and Bugs are everywhere!  And I can’t say that I’m going to miss it!  It’s now March… slowly going into April and seeing the trees blossoming, the sunshine beaming over London and the Sun being up for longer – I feel great.

I’ve had the most amazing couple of weekends ( when I’m not catching up on uni work) with my boyfriend and I just can’t wait for Summer.  And quite frankly, I can’t wait for university be over for the year so I can just focus on my blog full-time for a few months.  Dubai is just around the corner and I’m looking forward to soaking up that Summer Sun!

As for now, I find myself daydreaming of when I can have my life back for me really and not have any responsibility  (aka uni) for a while.  Anyway – enough of my inner most thoughts.  Outfit details are down below ladies! Enjoy!







-Outfit Details-

-Jeans: Misspap-

-Shirt and throw over: Zara-

-Heels: Ego-

-Bag: Chanel-


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