Collaboration with the Hackney Coffee Company

Hey guys!  So Today I have a really exciting post for you.  Over the weekend, I did a collaboration with the Hackney Coffee Co!  Myself and my fiancee, Nikky drove down to Hackney to pay the coffee shop a visit.  I have to say it’s definitely one of the coolest, quirkiest and cosiest coffee shops I’ve ever visited.  Who needs mainstream coffee shops when you have gorgeous places like this that are way more personable and comfortable to be in?

I ordered a usual Cafe Latte whilst Nikky got himself a Hot Chocolate – and as he was looking at the menu he literally wanted to order everything!  So we managed to get a tour of the coffee shop, I realised that there were two floors, a secret room behind and bookcase AND another secret room in progress.

When you visit you really have to pay attention to detail, from the walking sticks as railings leading up the stairs – to the secret room behind the bookcase. The Hackney coffee company is a treasure chest full of surprises.  The large Iron door leading to the restroom and pantry dates back years, and I was told that it’s still there because it used to lead down to a wine cellar.  The shop is full of historic, classic and contemporary design, an amazing place for creative minds to flourish, study and have the best coffee and cake!

Whilst we were there, we sent photos to my brother-in-law and he completely jumped on the band wagon and managed to squeeze in a visit later that day.  I will definitely be coming back here, it was one of the many, amazing highlights of my day.  This coffee shop is the perfect retreat and getaway from the busy day to day life of London.  The staff were so informative about the history of the building and were the most friendly and helpful when it came to shooting photos and vlogging the experience  (over on my YouTube Channel).

All social media links for the Hackney Coffee Shop are down below! Enjoy!

HackneyCoffeeCo Instagram:

HackneyCoffeeCo Facebook:


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