Paris Trip Guide 101


Hey Guys so I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged and posted up on the blog and everything.  I’ve been so busy with university and handing in the last and final deadlines, and I’m happy to say that my first year of university is finally over!  And I’ll be beginning my second year of my Fashion marketing and management course in September.  I’m so proud of myself, it hasn’t been easy but definitely worth it, and to be completely honest with you guys, I never thought I would make it to second year!

Anyway,  I thought I would kickstart the blogging again now that my first year at university is over, and what better place to do that than Paris, France?  I decided to treat Nikky, to a birthday weekend for his 24th over in Paris – He’d never been before and I wanted him to experience a new city other than Dubai and London.  So here is my PARIS TRIP 101 Guide for you guys, if you’re thinking about going or visiting any time soon!



Everyone, and I mean everyone is wearing at least one designer item,  From shoes, bags and accessories.  And if they aren’t wearing it, they’ve literally just bought it.  And you can see that from the millions of Gallery Lafayette bags floating around.



The army and police force were everywhere.  You can be sitting on a little street in Republique  (where we stayed) having a coffee and a chinwag, and next thing you know 20 police vans roll up.  Or you’ll see soldiers casually taking a stroll down Champs- Elysees.  Don’t be alarmed, just expect a bag search every so often.



You will do a lot of walking!  And you’re feet will hurt.  So although Paris is the city of fashion.  PLEASE do not attempt to go out in heels unless you’re headed straight to a restaurant and back.  Whilst sight seeing, schedule your coffee breaks so your feet get plenty of rest before heading to your next sight to see.  Especially if you’re planning on walking all the way from Musee Louvre down to the Arch de Triumph.



Drivers in Paris are crazy!  Unless you are an extremely experienced driver and posses a lot of calm, please don’t consider driving!  The metro is fantastic and really quick, you can pay for a rickshaw to you favourite sites.  And taxis are great.  Therefore, I really don’t recommend driving.  Whilst I was there I witnessed a crash that included a beautiful CLA Mercedes AMG – to tell you the least, there were pieces of that car all over the road.  So take transport, it’s easier, cheaper and more fun.



France is very politically passionate.  So don’t be surprised if you hop off the metro and run into a random protest.


RULE 6) This is possibly the MOST IMPORTANT rule!  NEVER ask for directions, I asked for directions on a number of occasions.  Including from a police man – and overtime I ended up walking around in a complete circle before arriving back at my hotel or the desired destination.  Just connect to wifi at a Cafe or Bistro and turn on google maps – Much easier!


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