How to make a coherent and cohesive instagram theme

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Hi guys.

So I actually get asked a ton of questions on how I edit my photos, how I place photos together, how I mix and match inspo photos with my own and also how I keep my theme together and not falling apart!  To be honest with you, it hasn’t been easy and I don’t have a select style of my overall feed – until now.  If you do follow my instagram page you will have noticed in the past few weeks that my account had adopted a theme.

Only recently I’ve decided on a theme and it’s actually clicked (in my head) on how to make my theme work  visually efficiently  with  my followers and fans.  To be honest with you guys, my editing technique has changed a lot!  Some of my favourite apps to edit photos are facetune, whitagram, and even instagrams own filters.  However, I would give apps like VSCO, Layout and Boomerang a try, just to add a little edge to your feed.

My theme at this current moment is pretty neutral, only focusing on black, white, grey, other muted/neutral colours and your occasional pop of colour here and there.  The reason why I really wanted to do this post for you guys is because you instagram feed and the overall look/layout is your first impression on whoever is watching, whether you’re focusing on your social media for a hobby, career or business.

Hopefully a few of these tips will get your feed looking to your standard in no time!!


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Planning your theme before you take your photos and knowing exactly what type of theme you want is essential when planning your feed.  Make sure you’ve done your research and really thought about what your theme will say about you as a brand.  Having inspiration behind a photo and really thinking about how you’re going to take the photo is important.

It’s never easy to keep your feed looking the same, especially when traveling. My feed doesn’t do well when I’m away or on vacation!  So when I travel I’ll change it up for   9  photos maximum and have a block of one theme for where ever I am in the world.  I then go back to my usual feed when I’m home.  However, you can plan blocks of theme in 3, 6, 9 and 12 – I just prefer 9 because it literally looks like a square block.  This helps me to not feel so limited when going to a beautiful destination like my recent trips to Dubai and Paris.


Don’t just post any image. If in doubt, then leave it out – you need to be 100% confident in your feed and photos. If its blurry or not looking 100% then maybe save it for another social network, Facebook, twitter and pinterest is great as it will give your followers a chance to see BTS shoots and also photographs that they perhaps wouldn’t usually see. This will help your feed look quality and clean.


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