My favourite May-Time products






Hey Guys!  This week I just wanted to share my Summer favourites with you!  These are my favourite products for the month of May, and of course I couldn’t hide away the fake tan!

Although I come from a mixed heritage and background with my mum being European and my father being British-Caribbean, that doesn’t mean my skin doesn’t burn!  As many of you have probably seen, I’m very fair skinned and although I can tan very dark I prefer to go for the safer option.  So here I  have the bible of all sun tans!  The Loreal Tanning Elixir is parfait!  I usually apply it one a day for three to four days straight, and shower as usual every day – the tan lasts me for about two weeks.

The next product is my St Tropez bronze lotion, for a quick tan it’s brilliant however do not use this in your room if you have carpet! – Unfortunately I made this mistake and now have a stain on my fresh cream carpet.  Always use this in the bathroom!

The other products are my new NARS make up products.  The foundation is in colour ‘Punjab’ and the Nars creamy concealer is in colour ‘Custard Cream’.  This is a really good colour combo not only for coverage and concealing but also for highlighting. This is definitely my new foundation for a while now!  The coverage with both products is fantastic and contouring on top of this foundation is so simple, easy  and smooth.


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