Hey Ladies!

I wanted to show all of you who have been following me for a while, whether it be on instagram or just my blog, my recent make up haul, my favourites and also a few must haves that I would recommend to anyone!


Recently, I have been a huge fan of NARS cosmetics.  Particularly their foundation and creamy concealer, so i mainly just use the products that they have available for face.  Having used MAC, Borjois, YSL and Chanel foundation in the past, I can honestly say Nars is one of THE best, and I never get tired of it! The texture and also the durability of the foundation is a thumbs up for me.  Total coverage is there and I never look too caked!  Both the foundation and the concealer give a silky smooth finish to your face, and contribute to a smooth, flawless and blended look.

The creamy concealer, is one of my favourites also, and it’s right up there with my LA girl concealer.  It blends amazingly and you don’t even need to contour – this product can be used for your base before strobing.  The concealer I use is Custard Cream.


First of all, let’s get one thing straight.  I’m not a lipstick girl!  I always feel like loads of colours don’t suit me especially bold ones or dark ones.  I also feel like my lips are uneven when I smile, meaning that one side of my top lip is thinner than the other side.  So for me, nude or light pink is a safe option!  However, the staff in Urban Decay really challenged me out of my comfort zone, to go for brighter colours for the summer and I’m so glad they did.  I purchased the VICE lipstick in checkmate with the matching liner which is also checkmate.  This lipstick is like a bright fuchsia pink lippy, so If you’re not too big on red lipstick, CHECKMATE will be perfect for you.  The second lipstick I got was another VICE lipstick in TILT which is a matte-fying lipstick, however they didn’t have the matching liner so I got the liner in BANG.   

I really recommend the VICE lipsticks, they stay on all day and don’t rub or come off even when eating and drinking!


So I’ve recently purchased my first product from Charlotte Tilbury and Bobbi Brown products.  I wanted a really good highlight and sculpt product and a lightening powder for my under eye.  And I’ve been blown by the quality of these makeup products.  The highlighter is very strong so only a small amount is needed!  Unless you want to shine bright like a diamond!  The Bobbi Brown lightening powder I have is in GOLDEN ORANGE 3, and I usually mix it with my LA Girl Mineral pressed face powder in fair and it lightens under my eye and helps contour my nose, this really makes my eyeshadow pop.


This is most possibly the best setting spray I’ve ever used.  My makeup doesn’t move an inch.  I apply my makeup at 8 AM and it’s still looks the most amazing quality at 8pm.  Urban Decay also stock other setting sprays so make sure to have a look.







  1. Thankyou hun for your recent post which I loved by the way, i am definitely interested in the Vice lipsticks an lip liners, by ‘Urban Decay.’ I don’t normally wear foundation as a rule, however, after recently looking at your IG photo’s I must admit your skin looks flawless, an your eyelashes look amazing. Can I ask you what your favourite mascara is, as I use younique 3D moonstruck? I will wrap it up here but will continue to read an enjoy your fashion blogs.

    Kind regards

    Hannah ♡

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    1. Thank you Hannah, you’re so kind! And thank you for all the kind compliments. I use two different mascaras which are both my favourite. I’m currently using YSL mascara which is absolutely Amazing, however I find it runs out quite quickly! 😩 and I’m using a mascara from urban decay called ‘Perversion’ which is hands down one of the best I’ve ever used and I would recommend it to anyone! Hope that helps! X


    1. Thank you jade ! It’s so true their creamy concealer and foundation is hands down the best I’ve used out of All the makeup brands! You should subscribe to my channel, it’s Style By Francesca I’ll subscribe back 😘😘😘xxxx


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