Hey guys!

I really wanted to share this makeup look that I did recently.  Reason behind, why I’ve decided to call the blog post ‘SMOKED’ is because I was aiming towards a subtle smokey eye using browns, oranges and desert type colours and not too much black!  I’m still practising myself on how to do black smokey eye, and I’m not quite there yet if i’m honest with you, in terms of actually being able to pull off a look and get it up on either Youtube or the Blog.  However, I’m still practising and should be able to do it in no time!

For this look I used the Morphe brushes 35W set, of which you can purchase off of Beauty Bay (I will leave a link down below).  I also used my W7 ‘Beat it’ Palette which I purchased from Beauty Base in Westfield, Shepards Bush.  I used colours ‘BillBoart’, ‘Late Again’ and ‘Big A’.  I also used a few MAC eyeshadows which are ‘Rule’ and ‘One to Watch’.

If You’d like to see this look in a tutorial on Youtube please let me know in the comments!  And rather than doing a voice over tutorial, I will do a get read with me where I sit and talk to you guys whilst I get ready.  Thank you for reading!





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