Casual Autumn wear

  Hi Guys!  Hope you all are well,  being as the seasons are changing in the UK and many other places right now, I decided to a post on casual autumn wear and I will have more coming.  At the moment in London, although the leaves have all changed colour some days are still really [...]


Tumblr Tuesday

Hi Guys!  So when I first started this blog I decided to do a thing called Tumblr Tuesdays, which was basically me sharing photos and images of fashion, style, beauty, travel, lifestyle and generally things that inspire me.  And recently i feel like maybe I should start doing Tumblr Tuesdays again!  I would love to [...]


  Hey Guys! Hope all is well!  This is the first 'knd of' Autumn/Winter outfit for the blog!  I say 'kind of' because I am still wearing a bardot with my shoulders exposed however, it has been quite a hot September in the UK.  However, I'm so enjoying wearing bardot's with knee high boots and [...]