Hey Guys!!

So I know many of you may follow my Instagram have seen that I took a recent trip to Dubai with my other half!  I know the blog posts are much awaited!  However, I thought I would upload the vlog/video first for you guys to get a taster of the trip.

Nikky and I actually forgot to vlog so much of the trip, and I think it’s because we’re still not used to it yet? But we did some amazing things, visited some amazing places, met up with cousins family and friends, I managed to meet my favourite beauty and fashion blogger in Dubai, Sheida Fashionista.  Whom some of you might remember that I met her before in London.

We also visited some amazing venues like Arz Lebanon in Downtown dubai where you can eat falafel and smoke shisha directly opposite the Burj Khalifah.  And the Manzil Lounge in the Manzil district, also in Downtown Dubai where you can sit in an open court yard sipping on Arabic tea, or a nice cold lemon and mint and smoking Double apple.

Hopefully you enjoy the video!  Don’t forget to subscribe and if yo have any questions, please leave them below in the comments section!  Thank you !



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