Sundays are for Rock Chics

Hi Guys!

Hope you’re all well!  Welcome to another outfit post on the blog, and today I really want to talk about feeling confident, focusing on your’e own and always believing in yourself.  Recently, my mind has been very much focused on my future and the goals that I want to achieve with my gorgeous and amazing partner Nikhil.  And I realised that I don’t want to settle for an average life!  I want to work crazy crazy crazy hard and know that somewhere along the way that will all pay off.  Not only that, but my generation ( the millennial generation) can’t even live a bog standard life anymore.

The world, financially, is getting more and more difficult for us and we all should be focusing on different streams of income.  I don’t mean take 3 or 4 jobs, but what I do mean is ‘SMART’ income.  So having your normal job, alongside a blog or Youtube channel, maybe set up a small e-commerce business, or learn a skill like photography and do it freelance, put a portfolio of some of work / creations of yours.

What I’m saying is, don’t be so tired during the week of work that on a Sunday you stay in your PJs all  day and don’t take control of your life and where you want it to be and also what you want it to be.  You’re not tired.  You’re un-inspired.  So Sunday’s can be for rock chic’s too.  Rock you’re own world and own it!

Outfit details and shop links are down below! Happy Shopping













Top: H&M

(I Couldn’t find the same one online so I’ve put some similar alternative body suits in the links down below)

Coat: H&M

Jeans: H&M

Backpack: Zara


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