Hey Guys!

As many of you may know from my Instagram profile, I was recently lucky enough to work with the most amazing New York fashion brand,  and I Finally want to share with you my latest collaboration with Coach New York.  Coach has just released their NEW AW16 collection with a new Mascot, #RexyTheCoachDino.

When I was sent a gorgeous piece from their  #CoachHoliday collection, I was blown away by the quality, simplicity and chic-ness of the my little wristlet.  I was so taken aback with how cute and perfect the little wristlet is, and I feel so grateful and so lucky to be a part of their marketing campaign.

Stuart Vevers’ is the new Creative Director of Coach New York, and he’s killing it!  These simplistic little designs and the whole concept behind the Coach Rexy Collection is genius and has been a hit with many celebrities and consumers alike.  My Coach wristlet is my hottest new accessory and I’m finding I can’t go anywhere with out it!

 All photos and links will be down below!  Don’t forget to follow me on social media where you’ll be seeing me with even more of Coach wristlet photos !






Coach Wristlet



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