Dermalogica: Every Face Tells a Story

Hi Guys,

So recently I wanted to share with you My Face Story, with Dermalogica.  I’ve always suffered with bad skin, bad acne and problem skin in general.  It’s never gone away, and now with myself being 21, I feel like I’m way too old now to be having teenage break outs and acne problems.  Studying fashion, Working in fashion and blogging about beauty and fashion – it can be quite difficult to feel confident in that sector when you’re suffering with Acne.

Defining moments in my career so far as a blogger, is having amazing companies contacting me to work with me, just like Dermalogica.  I jumped at the chance to work with Dermalogica because I saw it as an amazing opportunity career wise and also personally in terms of my skin!  As a Blogger I always like to look my best and I want to feel completely confident about going out with no makeup on!  Dermalogica has given me that chance!

I’m so proud of my blog and how far I’ve come in terms of body confidence and skin confidence.  A year ago, I NEVER would have uploaded a How-To Youtube video on a makeup look without already having my foundation done, ready and prepped.  And for the first time a few weeks ago, I finally did it and uploaded my Natural Glam Beauty Look.  This was a really difficult decision for me because I’m so sensitive about my skin and the way I look – BUT I decided to take the risk and go for it.

I feel like throughout my life I’ve developed a thick skin through my anxiety, which I always viewed as the one thing that made me weak or vulnerable.  Anxiety has aways played a role in how my skin behaves.  Stress and anxious behaviour has always caused me to have bad break outs due to lack of sleep, bad diet (comfort eating), becoming dehydrated and emotional stress/worry.  Dealing with anxiety since the age of 10 has meant that since 10 years old I’ve had the worst breakouts.  Which I’ve dealt with through late primary school, all of my secondary school and college life and now though out my university life.

Struggling with acne, breakouts, black heads, large pores, oily T-zone and also very dry/dehydrated areas of my face has always been a problem, in terms of makeup and finding the best skincare for me.  I think it’s safe to say I have combination skin – so it can be quite difficult to do research and see what exactly your skin needs!  Visiting my Dermalogica expert has taught me so much about my skin, and skin in general!  These are things that you are not taught in school or even from Beauty Gurus on Youtube!  It may sounds cliche but I feel like meeting with my expert and working with Dermalogica has changed my life in a way that I never thought would happen.  Before I was stuck in a rut and now I have a open door to feel more confident and comfortable, not just in my skin but in the products I’m using too.  Learning in depth research about all of the different Dermalogica products and what they do, and how to target certain problems you may have with your skin was so valuable, learning about my own skin what problem areas need to be targeted with certain products was the best thing ever and I left feeling like I finally had the key that I needed to open the door to healthier skin.

My morning Routine has changed in so many different ways, first of all I cleanse TWICE a day and TWICE over in the morning and TWICE over at night with the Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse.  Reason being, is the first cleanse you do get’s rid of the top layer of dirt on your skin which is makeup and product.  The second cleanse work on eliminating dirt from the air or air pollution and general bacteria that may be in your pores.

My Favourite product that I’m now using from Dermalogica is the Barrier Repair Gel.  Which I apply to my problem area (Breakout Area) at night and sleep with it at night.  This is a gentle exfoliator that exfoliates my spots and acne throughout the night and infiltrates the problem without me having to pop any spots and spread more bacteria.  In the morning I use cotton pads to cleanse it off.

I also use a Barrier protect moisturiser which I wear under my makeup.  The consistency is so nice that it can act as a primer.  Because my skin is hyper sensitive – wearing a SPF under my makeup is key to protect my skin from exposure to UV rays from the sun and B rays from things like laptop screens and phone screens.

For Face Masques I use a sebum Clearing masque, which I use after a double cleanse on my dry or dehydrated areas of my face just to restore moisture and build back my skins strength again.  I use this one to three times a week dependent on how busy my week or schedule is!

What I love about my skin is how resilient it is and also that I never get spots or acne on my forehead, temples, nose or cheekbones!  However, my jawline, hair line and chin are the problem!  I love that my skin reacts to quickly to products within 24 hours and that I can see instant results.  (Not everyones skin may react so quickly, but my skin happens to be quite quick to react!)  My favourite thing about my skin is when it’s smooth and the redness goes away.  All photos and links are are down below with my experience, face map, me during my face mapping and also the products I’m currently using.  I’ve also left a link down below on how you can organise your own face mapping experience so you can learn more about your own skin and feel more confident with Dermalogica!












Click here to Book your own Dermalogica face mapping analysis.

*Disclaimer:  I have received all treatments, products and other experiences as compliments from Dermalogica


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