DUBAI: Fashion Merchandising and buying course – day 1

Hey guys,

So very early this morning I flew out to one of my favourite destinations and I arrived in Dubai.  But this isn’t just one of my regular-shmegular holidays or vacays.  The main reason behind flying out here for the second time this year was because I decided to enrol onto a Fashion merchandising and buying course with University of the Arts London, and the course is being held at Dubai Design District.

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 15.47.18

Although I’m only in Dubai for less than a week, the first 2 days are all mine to relax and do whatever I wanna do.  The last 3 days I’ll be studying on my course and on the third day I’ll be flying back home after I’ve graduated the course.  The reason I decided to study an international fashion course was for a multitude of reasons, some being that I’ve wanted to do this course for about 3 years now and never got round to it, and realised I just had to book it, do it, live it and that I could finally tick it off my list.  I felt that a trip and course like the one I’m on was necessary for my growth, both mentally, personally, emotionally, educationally and professionally.  I felt like the course would give me a great push and a great bit of experience towards the industry that I’m inevitably going to be graduating into.


The second reason is because quite honestly,  I see my future in Dubai.  Since my first trip back in 2015 I remember feeling absolutely wowed and amazed at this place not only for its extravagance but for its potential to grow specifically in the fashion and creative sectors.  To cut a long story short it’s my dream to work and live out here and weirdly enough I suppose it just goes to show that a positive mentality really can manifest positivity and manifest your dreams into real life – I see this course as being one step closer to actually working and living here.  Lastly, Im doing research for a university project and thought that the market sector and retail atmosphere in Dubai would be 100% relevant to my research for my final year.


So although I haven’t started my course today and won’t be starting it until the day after tomorrow, I thought I’d share this blog post with you all.  Today and tomorrow I’m catching up on me time and working from my laptop until I’m at D3.  I’ve included a video which I’ve uploaded to my youtube channel to show you what I’ve been up to!

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