Eve Blogging

Hey guys!

-We’re best friends first and foremost-

So luckily, Nikky and I managed to fit in one last ‘blogger shoot’ before Christmas day!  It was really nice spending Christmas Eve with Nikky as this time of year has a lot of significance to us, we met 3 years ago in November 2014, and our first real date was on Boxing day that same year, we then became official February 2015.   Usually we do something special on Boxing day, a few years ago we jetted off to Rotterdam for a weekend which was freezing cold but absolutely fun!  Anyway, we plan to spend this Boxing day together too but in London, and so far I’ve been reflecting on how far we’ve come, as a couple we have gone through so much!! Good and bad, but we’ve always pulled through and more then that, we’re best friends first and foremost and the biggest goofballs when we’re together.

-Boujie and Classy-

 The end of this year has been mainly preparing to move into our first apartment together (the apartment is owned by my family, but we still have to pay rent FYI) so we’ve mainly been looking at interior decor, and buying our first pieces of furniture together for the big move in June/July 2018!  Anyway, just thinking of how far we’ve come and where we’re headed has me so excited! And when all the furniture and interior pieces arrive it’s the most exciting thing seeing how our first place will come together! Lets just say, it’s going to be very boujie and classy! Just thinking that this time next year Nikky and I will be spending our first Christmas together  is mind blowing! And I’m currently feeling incredibly grateful for my bestfriend.  Anyway,  here is what we shot on Christmas Eve, very simple but mainly just having fun.  I hope all of you who read this have the best Christmas and New Year !




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