Welcome to the family! New Car Vlog

Hey guys!

Recently, I’ve finished filming the first Vlog of 2018 and it’s all about the new Car Nikky and I have added to our little family! The car is mainly Nikky’s car as I’ve still have my little car!  And moving forward into the year, Nikky and I realised that we were going to need to run 2 cars as we’re moving out soon and work in very different places that need to be accessed via motorway.  I work a lot with digital media and marketing and therefore always need to carry my laptop, my planner, notepads etc and Nikky has the same commitments with his role and is also a gym goer so always carry his gym bag where ever he goes. So it just kinda made sense that we would each need a car.  Anyway, hope you guys enjoy the vlog! Please like, comment and subscribe! I’m working on loads of new content for you guys!

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