My fitness journey

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to write about my fitness journey! I’ve always wanted to be super fit and into my health but university life alongside working and blogging has made it difficult! However, this current new year just passed I decided that I was going to have much better time management and achieve my fitness goals! Huge fitspo for me has been Tammy Hembrow.

Luckily when 2018 came around, eBay contacted me for a collaboration and the first briefing was on fitness! eBay has been an amazing help finding fitness gear, sportswear and even trainers!! My fave trainers to workout in are the Adidas N-5923’s they’re comfortable, sporty and come in a range of cool classic sorbet pastel colours which are great for any summer wardrobe. I also love these trainers for a smart casual look when brunching with blogger friends or going shopping. If any of you (like me) have decided to make fitness and health your New Years resolution and want to get geared up, click on my link down below to shop all things trainers on eBay !


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