Sexual and General harassment while blogging.

Hi Guys,

So every so often, you guys know I like to talk about important topics on my blog (even if SOME people don’t like it), to be honest I’m not bothered if people don’t like it because these posts can help someone out there understand what’s happening to them, or expose situations that actually happen.  Anyway enough of that, now I know from the title this post looks like it’s going to be a heavy topic to read about, and it is but I believe as women and men and in this situation, as bloggers this a good read, and very informative as I don’t think a lot of bloggers, if any have touched on this.


So I’ve been blogging for just coming up to 3 years now, and it’s been a journey.  I’ve learnt new things, I’ve changed my style in terms of fashion and makeup and also my blogging aesthetic (I still am evolving), and I ‘d like to think blogging has shaped who I am as a person and has opened me up to new things, new brands and a hell of a lot of new people that I’m so grateful to have met and wouldn’t change for the world!  My journey so far in blogging has been an extremely supportive one, and so many fashion, lifestyle and beauty bloggers are the loveliest, kindest and biggest supporters I know.  Because of this,  a lot of us bloggers have helped each other network together and make money from what we love, turning a hobby into a job – whether that’s banding together and going out on ‘photo shoots’, suggesting each other to PR companies to get some branded work in or generally helping one another with advice on blogging platforms and social media.


Now what does this have to do with the topic at hand? Well, firstly a lot of us lovely, kind and creative bloggers have never opened up about being sexually to generally harassed whilst out on the job.  And when I mean on the job, I’ll talk about my personal experience however, bare in mind that there are probably other bloggers out there that differ in experiences for better or for worse.  Now over the last 3 years, I’ve always gone out into London and I’ve shot outfits and branded/sponsored content with my fiancé who loves photography as a hobby himself.  And over the last 3 years I’ve really struggled with rude, offensive and threatening behaviour with members of the public.  This behaviour includes, inappropriate sexual comments, rude and bullying comments, cat calls, kissy faces, being beeped at by vehicles passing by and women walking past with their friends and completely bitching about what you’re doing and tearing you down.


As a public announcement, I know many in the general public have no idea what blogging or vlogging is and they also probably don’t know that this is a job for many of us, whether it’s full time or an extra stream of income on the side.  And even if it wasn’t paid – it’s still a hobby.  A lot of people probably wouldn’t want to be sexually harassed, generally harassed, bullied or bitched about whilst at work, and guess what neither do we bloggers! We don’t go out there, and pose in the street with a photographer and a really expensive camera to get attention because we’re bored, we’re trying to get the right shot for a company who is paying us, or to fill up our feed with beautiful images for our followers to look at.  Please mind your business and have some respect, if you have something lovely to say then by all means we welcome you’re compliments but if you’re going to be rude or disgusting we really don’t fancy being torn down or having shots fired at our confidence whilst trying to work and pay the bills.

Now the beautiful images that you see accompanied with this post, was probably the worst shoot I’ve ever had in terms of being harassed by the public.  I had been beeped at twice (this was while shooting on the pavement), I had a group of women with their buggies walk past and say “WTF is she doing” and continue laughing and turning back around to look at us shoot.  I also has a lady on the cycle bike, who decided to shout out as she cycled past “YOUR SILLY TICKETS ARE STILL SHOWING!!” and she said it quite angrily may I add.  I was also cat-called no end by men.  As you can see, I’m not wearing anything revealing and if I was people still need to mind their business.

This all happened in the space of 45 minutes and shooting 3 outfits.  Now I do want to shed light on the fact that there are a lot of people with lovely compliments that do tell you as they walk by and I love those people!  They can see we are creatives and they are being totally positive and lovely and putting a smile on our face – But people who say nasty things, does it make you feel better about yourself?  You wouldn’t like it if you experienced this at your office job, day in an day out so don’t do it to us.  You can see someone doing something positive and you have to find something bad to say about it.  As the old tale goes, if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.


I want to hear from you guys, bloggers. models or creatives that have had to work in the streets of London or anywhere really, and I want to know if you’ve had bad or good experiences or both!  I feel this is really something we need to talk about – I personally struggled with horrible comments mainly because they’re from strangers and I feel I’ve done nothing wrong to them to deserve it.  Please comment below this post and share your stories and how you deal with this.


2 thoughts on “Sexual and General harassment while blogging.

  1. There could be many reasons for the rudeness exhibited by the passers-by. There’s the jealousy aspect by some who might wish to be doing what you’re doing. The horn beeping has been around for a long time and is as silly now as it’s ever been. Just keep doing what you’re doing and ignore the negativity.


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