My early guide to being a girl boss online.

So recently, and for a while actually, I’ve always wanted to ‘boss up’ but never really new how, until I threw myself into it and tried,  and actually this is where I started to learn how to be a boss girl – don’t get me wrong I’m still really learning here, how to be bigger and better and refine my skills.  But so far I thought I’d share with you what I’ve learnt.


  1. Create 80% of the time, Observe 20%

The best way to be productive, tunnel visioned and to not compare yourself to others, which is every bloggers weakness especially on the gram, is to set yourself a work percentage.  Personally, I like to be creating 80% of the time as part of my new routine, whether that means filming, editing, writing up a blog post, shooting or working on content for brands.  This ratio works for me because it means I can always be doing something to work towards my brand and my dream career.  Surfing instagram only 20% of the time means those are the times where you can engage, see what’s going on in the world and be inspired without over doing it and feeling rubbish or bad about yourself – this way you can try to eliminate comparing yourself to others and being hard on yourself because you’re limiting instagram surfing to 20% of your time.


2. Create a to do list/schedule the night before.

I’ve found that with my new work schedule for blogging as explained above, it means I can have 101 things swirling around in my mind and it’s so easy to forget things.  The last thing you want to do is forget a paid post that was scheduled for the day, or forget a video that you said you’d upload to you followers.  As your own boss, you don’t want to let anyone down as it looks bad on your level of professionalism and we only wanna go up right?  Grab yourself a note pad or diary, write down a list of things that you need to do for the next day, the list can look a little something like this:

  • Upload to instagram in the morning
  • Upload scheduled Youtube video
  • Shooting in the afternoon with photographer
  • Editing photos + Drafting blog posts

I only add a few things to my list, as I don’t want to be unrealistic and not be able to accomplish my tasks for the day as it can lead to disappointment.  Realistically you should know or be able to estimate how long things will take you to do.  For example; shooting 8 outfits for me is about a 4 hour job, editing all those photos on apps like VSCO is probably an hour and a half as the photos will go on instagram and my blog.  Filming a Q&A video or a haul can tale an hour, whereas filming a make up tutorial, a GRWM (get ready with me) or a home tour can take me 2 to 3 hours easily.  When I’m shooting paid content for instagram, dependent on the company, how many images they want or whether they want photo or video content and also how many companies or brands I’m deciding to shoot for in the day it can take anywhere between half an hour to 4 hours to get the perfect shots, come up with the best captions and edit the photos.  There for if I know I’m creating content for 4 companies and shooting 6 outfits in one day, my schedule will consist of 1 or 2 of my daily scheduled posts to insta, engaging on instagram a little (which usually is done over breakfast), getting ready, shooting with my fiancé or a photographer and then coming home and shooting content for products that are being sent to me – and by the end of that day it will probably be 9pm and I’m ready to spend time with my family after that.

I also find that, if you’re a Youtuber scheduling filming editing and publishing your videos is a MUST!  For me sometimes a video will coincide with a blog post or a sponsored post.

3. Set your weekly goals

Set weekly goals, in terms of earnings, engagement, quality of your work and anything else you want to achieve or improve on.  Weekly goals turn into monthly achievements and give you a road to follow in terms of where you’re going.  remember there are going to be times where you may not hit all your goals or the path you’ve set for yourself has gone to the left rather than right.  It’s fine, relax and remember it’s a learning curve – things don’t always go your way!  And it’s okay.


4. Learn from people at the top.

I love to watch videos by top entrepreneurs like Tony Robbins but I also love to watch content and videos by top entrepreneurs in the industry I’m trying to break into like Huda Beauty, Lydia Elise Millen or Sarah Ashcroft.  A lot of these influencers will have content on their story, how they made it and how they built their brand.  It’s always important to learn with others.

5. Self discipline is key

I try not to answer every phone call from friends, or get distracted by other things especially if I’m in the process of filming, editing or trying to get that shot for the gram.  My work comes first, and a lot of the time I’m shooting paid sponsorships –  I wouldn’t want to pay someone who was only putting 50% in and getting distracted all the time, there fore when I know I’m getting paid for a job or even working with a company free of charge I want to put my best foot forward and make sure that I’m personally happy with the content I’ll be submitting.


6. Be Creative

There is always more then one way to skin a cat.  When it comes to paid opportunities, I used to just wait for brands to contact me and I’d send them my media kit and hope that they’d choose and a package and then follow through with the collab and payment!  Long story short – a lot of brands that contacted me and subsequently were sent my media kit, agreed to a package and then I never heard from them again!  I know – very unprofessional on their part and frustrating on mine.  Don’t take it personally, I’ve found that if you’re constantly posting and engaging on Instagram more brands will find you, and the more brands that find you the more scope there is for being paid.  There are brands and companies out there that will pay you and want to pay and will stick by their agreement!  So if you’re feeling a bit down because you’ve had a few bad experiences, keep going!  Don’t dwell on the bad experience and move forward – there are other doors that will open.

Not only that, but take things into your own hands and own your power!  I’ve recently started using Tribe app, and it really is a great way to make money.  The downside to a lotto people is that you have to buy the product out of your own money, create the content and then wait for it to be approved.  However, a way to get around that is work with the brands that you would genuinely buy from anyway or that you may already have at home.  Or if you don’t mind buying the product, factor in the price of the product onto the fee you’re going to charge for to content.  Either way,  You’re not just waiting for brands to pop up and offer to pay you for your time and work, you’re being more proactive and finding work for yourself.

7. Network!

When it comes to shooting,  recently I’ve started teaming up with other fashion bloggers and going out to shoot each other’s outfits and content for the week.  The great thing about this isn you’re able to network with other bloggers, ask them advice on things that maybe you’re struggling with, exchange ideas and techniques and also, it’s much cheaper than hiring a photographer!


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