Figuring out your blueprint…

Hi Guys,

I thought it was about time to talk about something really important that we all probably go through but don’t know how to put it into words or how to define it for ourselves, and it’s about your blueprint that you have for your life and what that means for you.  Recently, I had a blueprint for my life that hasn’t exactly gone to plan in the way I wanted it to, and after being kind of upset and feeling low about it I started listening to some Toni Robbins podcasts, one in particular called ‘How to deal with an emotional crisis’.

This particular podcast spoke about, what happens when your life doesn’t go to plan as per your expectations.  The negatives, the positives and a step by step way of how to fix it – as Tony says, anything is possible.  I have linked the video in particular down below, for any of you who are interested in listening to podcasts or who love listening to entrepreneurs and motivational speakers in your spare time.  I’ve also written about my take on the podcast in a more brief and general form for anyone who doesn’t have time to listen to the podcast.




-What your blue print means to you-

So your blueprint for you is going to be your plan for your future, therefore it’s going to be personal, professional and very important.  This starts with you realising whats important to you and setting goals accordingly, for example if you dream of owning a 5 bedroom house one day thats your goal, but you have to know the little steps to will take to get there.  Making sure your credit is good and looking after your financial health, being realistic with your earning’s always helps too – you may need to get a promotion at work or start a side hustle or business so you have an extra stream of income.  Be realistic, you may not be able to have a BMW or Mercedes right now, because you’re working on having a home, so sacrifices need to be thought about and made.



-What happens when you stray from your blueprint or circumstances change-

When you stray from your blueprint or challenges pop up, or things start to get in the way it can prove to be a little stressful.  One thing that helped me, is adjusting my expectations and realising that things will and may get in the way of my journey.  Sometimes challenges will appear to teach you a valuable lesson.  Sometimes, not getting what you want straight away saves you from disaster, so be patient and see the blessings in disguise.  Stay focused on your goal and realise there is always more than one way to skin a cat (more then one way to do something).



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