Hi guys,

Recently, I’ve realised the importance of putting yourself first and just doing you.  It’s nice to be there for others and support them, but you always need to look after yourself and put yourself first especially if you’re feeling mentally, physically or spiritually run down or even if you genuinely aren’t having the best time in life.

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Sometimes in life you need space to recharge your batteries, it helps you to breathe (metaphorically) and step back to re-evaluate your space.  Sometimes you just need that thinking and breathing space.  I like to call it self care and self love.  Being around people or certain friends can be exhausting because unfortunately most people take and rarely give back  – except for a rare few.

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This year for me has been hectic to say the least – the good, the bad and the ugly.  I’ve experienced it all.  And even after it seemed the storm was over, I then had to deal with people who were some how offended that I decided to take a step back from life and work on me and my family (Myself, My partner and My daughter).

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Don’t ever let someone make you feel bad for doing you, people who truly care about you would never make you feel bad for trying to get yourself back on your feet.  Now this blog post isn’t going to talk about fake friends or anything like that, personally I feel like I’m so past giving people that label even if I do fully acknowledge that they may be fake.  I just wanna highlight the importance of doing you and doing what you feel is most important.  If you need to take time out and love yourself for a while, by all means do it and don’t feel pressured into feeling ashamed by others for doing so.  You come first.  End of story.

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Remember, no matter how hard things are something will grow from what you are going through and it will be you and more.  One thing I’ve learnt this year and will continue to explore through the rest of my life, is that you can choose to let the mood of whatever happened yesterday or last week continue into your today or tomorrow.  But if you try to refocus instead and choose a different perspective about it – that’s when a new energy is born.  Today is a new day, choose to create the happiness you deserve.

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Outfit details:

Blazer: Primark; £20.00

Scarf: Primark; £4.00

Tshirt: Newlook; £8.99

Trainers: Adidas (Wembley designer outlet)

Clutch: Louis Vuitton






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