Book review: How to be an Overnight success

Hey guys,

So recently I’ve been reading a really good book that I’ve actually enjoyed so much, and it relates to fashion and beauty but also business and entrepreneurism. I felt it would be really good to write a review on the book for you guys as I personally have been recommending this book to every gal I know!

First of all, the way the book is written by the author, Maria Hatzistefanis, is amazing.  It’s pretty much a personal account of what she has been through, went through and her general story that led her to the current position as Miss Rodial aka CEO of Rodial.  Reading the book is super easy as it’s like reading a first account, a blog post even.  Chapters aren’t too long but a healthy size, the book in general is so interesting to read especially if you’re of a fashion/beauty/business mind.

What I love the most is at the end of each chapter Maria has a set of tips rounding off each chapter, which is super helpful.  It forces you to ask yourself honest questions about your journey, experience, whether or not you wanna be an entrepreneur or have what it takes.  I love highlighting certain things in the book and making notes that are relevant to my future and the career that I’d love to have in Marketing and also as a business owner.

If you’re looking to be inspired or just want to learn about other people’s experiences then this book is perfect.  As soon and I read the first page I couldn’t stop reading, and before I knew it, I’d completed half of the book.


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