Madame La La fake tan routine

Hi guys,

so yesterday a video just went live on my Youtube channel that features my Madame La La fake tan routine, so I thought it would be a good idea to run through some ideas and tips with you guys on the blog as well as linking the video down below for you guys to see.  I’ve also included the links to any products down below and also in the description box underneath my video!

  1. Exfoliate, Shave and make those legs baby bottom smooth…..


So before tanning, you’re going to want to be squeaky clean and exfoliate all the dry skin and possible bits of older fake tan (if you fake tan regularly) off your skin.  This will mean when you apply your tan it will look so much better.  Shave all areas that need to be shaved and try and use a scrub and loofer to get all that dead skin off, I find that body shop does really good body scrubs and so does Lush, but for the sake of my Youtube video I’ve used a different one.

2. Apply the Madame La La mouse


Now you can use your hand to do this but I would suggest using a bit or glove just because for me personally my hands always go orange!  And if you have really pretty nails you might not want the colour to go funny.  Make sure you use a dry glove and also that your legs/body is completely dry too before applying the tanning mouse.

3. Let it dry


After this stage you can either apply a second coat or leave as is.  Don’t get dressed until the tan is completely 100% dry and don’t shower for at least 10 hours afterwards (However, you would have just had a wash so you should be okay hygiene wise lol)


Watch the full Youtube video down below!


Madame la la product links:

Light tanning mouse:

Madame LA LA Tan Light 200ml

Medium/Dark tanning mouse:

Madame LA LA Tan 200ml

Facial bronzing serum:

Madame LA LA West Coast 100ml

Bronzing Ball:

Madame LA LA Bronzing Ball (5g)


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